“Strive for perfection in everything you do,
Take the best that exists and make it better.
When it does not exist, design it.“
Sir Henry Royce (1863 – 1933, Founder of Rolls-Royce)

RX-90/ RX-120

Strip Thickness Measurement

The RX-90/120 product line is the ideal solution for non-contact X-ray thickness gauging of flat products in cold rolling mills and processing lines of the steel and non-ferrous industries and in aluminum hot mills.

The X-ray sources (90 kV or 120 kV) continue the innovative Rayonic concept of integrating X-ray tube, high voltage generation, emission control and the sample magazine in a robust stainless steel casing.
High resolution and fast detectors and a ruggedized C-frame complete the thickness gauge.

In the version for static centre-line measurement it provides the primary input signal for accurately controlling the rolling process. Alternatively the thickness gauge can be delivered with a scanning C-frame for cross profile measurement of the strip.

In its simplest configuration the thickness gauge consists of C-frame with X-ray source and detector and one operator station. Extended versions come with a visualization server for connecting several operator stations and for long term data archiving. For reversing mills and tandem lines up to five gauges are combined to a measurement system with common operation and line interfacing.

Material Steel Cooper Aluminium
Application Cold Mill

Reversing mill

Hot mill
Gauge model RX-90 RX-120 RX-90
Operating parameters 90 kV / 0,3 mA 120 kV / 0,6 mA 90 kV / 0,3 mA
Measurement range 0,2 - 8,0 mm 0,1 - 8,0 mm 2 - 70 mm
Sample rate 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms
Measurement gap 300 mm 400 mm 450 mm
Accuracy 0,05% 0,05% 0,05%