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Sir Henry Royce (1863 – 1933, Founder of Rolls-Royce)

RX-40/ RX-60

Strip Thickness Measurement


Rayonic X-ray thickness gauges of the RX-40 and RX-60 product lines are increasingly being installed in aluminium cold, warm and foil mills. In the steel industries the thickness gauges are well suited for thin strip and are mainly installed in processing lines.

The gauge-heads of the RX-40 and RX-60 product lines are available in different dimensions to cover the space restrictions and installation requirements of the various mill types and processing lines. The available standard versions are mill mount, retractable C-frame for centre line measurement and scanning system for cross profile. Both thickness gauges differ only in the high voltage generators allowing an optimal adjustment to the required measurement range and accuracy. All models use robust metal-ceramic X-ray tubes. These and the high voltage electronics are operated far below the maximum ratings for significantly increases lifetime.

The basic version comprises the gauge with a stand-alone operator station. Even then it provides all necessary interfaces for integration into the automation environment of rolling mills and process lines. In advanced systems the use of client-server technology allows a wide variety of plant and gauge con- figurations including multiple operator stations, multiple measurement sites and extensive data logging.

Material Aluminium Aluminium Steel
Application Foil mill Cold mill Process line
Gauge model RX-40 RX-40 RX-60
X-ray source TS40-SL TS40-C TS60-C
Operating parameters 14 kV / 0,6 mA 40 kV / 0,3 mA 60 kV / 0,5 mA
Measurement range 0,002 - 0,2 mm 0,1 - 8,0 mm 0,1 - 4,0 mm
Measure gap 100 mm 300 mm 300 mm
Accuracy 0,05% 0,05%


Characteristic measurement materials are metal strip, coated metal strip, web and strip of composites, non-wovens, ceramics, etc.